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Reindeer Games

"Dear Ross, all my stockings are hung by the chimney with care and nothing has been stirring except that pest of a red nosed reindeer who keeps stealing my Christmas decorations! How can I keep pests away from my lights and swirly, twirly gumdrop trees?"

Answer from Ross:

Dear Papa Elf,

Sounds like Rudolph is up to his reindeer games again this year! Here are some tips to pest proof your decorations:

  1. Put your gumdrop trees in the corner of the lawn to prevent wanting eyes from temptation. If that doesn’t work, consider putting plastic bubble wrap and crinkly foil at the base of the trees to alert you when reindeer hooves are abound.

  2. Thinking about adding lights to your gumdrop trees? Wait until after the first week of December which is the most active period for deer to scrape their antlers. Also, make sure to string the lights in multiple short strands so Rudolph doesn’t accidentally get caught in them.

  3. I know Rudolph can be a pain, but avoid poinsettias and mistletoe as they can be fatal to animals (even pests) if ingested. We don’t want Santa’s sleigh to be without its lead deer on the big night!

  4. Consider wrapping up your gingerbread houses each night to prevent Rudolph and other sugar seeking pests from invading your home.

  5. Finally, consider exchanging your deliciously sugary gumdrop trees for real pine trees. Sugar is deadly for most animals and real tree have the added benefit of attracting beautiful winter birds

Good luck Papa Elf and let Santa know I am hoping for Destiny: The Taken King for my PS4!


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