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PSU Bike Shelter

One of Portland State University's most prevalent characteristics is the active, vibrant on-campus bicycle culture. In order to better foster that culture, the University needed to provide secure, safe, and rain-proof bike parking. After a very competitive proposal process, Bridgetown was chosen to deliver a design that not only met these needs but also accommodated ample seating, space for food carts, and WiFi — ideal amenities for campus life.

A very unique (and very rewarding) aspect of this project was the high level of dialogue required to meet expectations and regulations. First, we had to meet the City of Portland's stringent design guidelines. That meant creating a document for design review that vividly illustrated how the building strengthened the pedestrian experience along its street, fit into the fabric of the city and added overall value to the area. We addressed very unique zoning challenges, as well as the separate protocol standards of the University itself. Working with both city of Portland officials and the University of Portland's own zoning team resulted in an ideally collaborative experience.

The final result was a garage that accommodates 100 bikes, complete with a pump station. A transparent design allows for clear sound and vision and is key to safety. Meanwhile, a steel structure with custom wire-grid panels, standard sizing, and repeating themes translate to a structure high in durability and low in cost and maintenance.

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