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King City

Garden Villas

The work on the King City Garden Villas was an exercise in balance, creativity, and opportunism. When the King City Garden Villas homeowners association decided to add another building to an existing housing development, the task was to take a mix of several building forms that comprised that development and create a coherent, fresh design for the new building's exterior. We combined the best elements of each existing building into a solution that achieved the right balance of attractiveness and affordability. In doing so, another opportunity presented itself: improving the existing buildings' aged, water-infiltrated exteriors. Essentially, it was a chance to upgrade the entire look of the development, along with a materials upgrade.

After measuring key buildings on-site, taking plenty of photographs for reference, and even catching a snake (his name is Kaa), we modeled the units into 3D renderings. The next steps: design work that included determining color and trim options in combinations that complemented the character of the building forms—both individually and collectively.

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