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Hillsboro Professional Plaza

In pursuing this project, the greatest reward was the challenge itself: leveraging complete autonomy. It was the largest, most ambitious project Bridgetown had tackled as the solo lead architect. It was too irresistible of an opportunity to pass.

The objective was to design a two-story, 11,000 sq. ft office building in Hillsboro, Oregon for a client in the dental industry. She required a large suite for her practice, with the remaining space available for lease. The client also had specific ideas in mind for the exterior look of the building, which Bridgetown was able to incorporate into our design. The pass-through lobby, featuring glazing to take full advantage of natural light, houses the elevator, restrooms, and other utility needs. Tenant spaces on the second floor are accessed through the lobby while ground floor spaces have individual entrances along the length of the building. The building's wood frame helps keep costs within budget while its stucco-like exterior features wood accents and steel canopies . Other points of interest include the cantilevered bays on the second floor that expand available space.

The building's drainage swale features plants and rock beds placed on a natural slope. It complements the overall aesthetic while providing an all-natural filtration method of water drainage.

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