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The Calmax project was, in a way, a return to a pre-Bridgetown project from 2002 in which our own Ross Sanders was acting project architect.

In an effort to expand its manufacturing capacity for its Oregon operations, a California-based tech company sought to create a space to produce high-end machine parts. The prospective location was directly across from a large high-tech campus. That campus was, in fact, where Ross had helped design a $40 million manufacturing building nearly fifteen years prior.

After visiting the new client's base of operations in Silicon Valley, we began working on a design that could accommodate large, expensive equipment while maintaining maximum aesthetic appeal and flexibility of layout. At the same time, a focus on the remodeling costs of key areas was crucial. The final result features an entry lobby, offices, and breakroom up front, while an enormous warehouse area now houses a modular cleanroom. The operation is up and running—successfully—and a second phase of design work is currently in discussion.

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