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Santa Fe Guest House

The lasting relationships we forge with clients allow special opportunities to come to life. This project is proof.

After doing the design work on her newly-remodeled main house just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a longtime client again tapped Bridgetown to develop a guest cottage on the same property. The intent was to have an independent dwelling that could easily be rented out to prospective tenants.

The main challenge emerged in the conceptualization process. Together, Bridgetown and the client pored over numerous design iterations, potential site locations, and building forms. Something special seemed to be missing. Eventually, the client recalled a past hand-drawn sketch that we had given her when the idea was first discussed with us as a far-off retirement goal. The inspiration behind it was actually based on a horse stable; its scale, repeating themes, and rustic character proved to be the perfect match to the existing house's own rustic and eclectic look.

The project reached another major breakthrough when the client announced she had just bought an antique greenhouse. The greenhouse was the perfect artifact to complement the design concept of the guest house—its size, form, character, eclecticism, and overall aesthetic allowed the additional structures to appear as if they had been part of the original property all along.

Both the greenhouse and guest house play hide-and-seek behind a courtyard wall with ancient wood doors. The courtyard itself is surprisingly intimate and the greenhouse acts as an outdoor dining room — the perfect place to be on a beautiful Southwestern night in the Land of Enchantment.

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